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200 Hour Teacher Training


SUMMUS Teacher Training Part 1: Firm Your Foundation | *REQUIRED for non-certified students (100 hours)

OCTOBER 12, 2018 - NOVEMBER 17, 2018

$3450 EARLY BIRD / $3650 AFTER JULY 31 (Pricing includes Part 2)


This first module of the SUMMUS 200 Hr Teacher Training establishes you in the roots and rituals of Yoga. We will cultivate sadhana, or self-discipline, an important principle within the practice of yoga that allows practitioners to align one’s inner self each and every day, laying the groundwork for harnessing the ability to teach others. We will utilize the practice of asana within the method of Ashtanga yoga. In this manner, we will gain a profound understanding of foundational asanas, pranayama, bandhas, and drishti, and experience the importance of cultivating a personal practice. This curriculum not only touches on physical practice, but self study & life skills that extend far beyond the yoga mat. Meditation will be explored and practiced through the Vipassana method.

Part 1 includes:

  • Asana practice to engage body, mind and spirit
  • The deconstruction of foundational asanas for clarity of alignment
  • Practice teaching every session
  • Functional anatomy presented in short segments to support movement principles with relevance and meaning
  • History and philosophical concepts within the traditions of Yoga
  • Pranayama practices that refine awareness and shift energy
  • Basic Sanskrit pronunciation
  • Meditiation practice and journaling
  • Yama and Niyama: learning and living the yogic ethical observances, on and off the mat

SUMMUS Teacher Training Part 2: from roots we rise (100 hours)

DECEMBER 1, 2018 - JANUARY 13, 2018

$1650 EARLY BIRD / $1850 AFTER AUGUST 31


In this second module, we are ready to delve deeper into the essence of Yoga. Not only can we connect to the joys of the practice, but we must also embrace the fear and doubt that come with us on this path to self realization with acceptance and equanimity. Our journey is never ending, and if we seek to inspire others as teachers of this practice, we must also seek to balance our energy and hold the space for others to transform and grow. Now that we have layed the foundation, we will explore the creative practice of Vinyasa yoga!

Part 2 Includes:

  • Themes as an integral element of the practice
  • Anatomy and physiology: basics of skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • Basic esoteric anatomy, including chakras, nadis, and prana
  • Creative sequencing and finding your voice
  • Advanced Asana: Incorporating these poses into class in a playful, balanced way
  • Modifications for special populations and pain mitigation
  • Pre-Natal module
  • Cultivating clear language and cueing
  • Hands-on assists and adjustments that guide and educate your students
  • Teacher/student relationships: Inspire with boundaries