Monday Mantra: Be Present. Be Thankful.

Life has a way of creeping up on you, slapping you in the face, and giving you the biggest most loving hug you have ever received all at once. The birth of my daughter was an utterly humbling experience and if I could sum it up in a sentence that is exactly how I would describe it. I knew from the very moment I held her that she would be my greatest teacher. Looking back on the time from when she came to now feels equally like 5 years as it does 5 weeks. I have cried the hardest I've ever cried and smiled the biggest I have ever smiled. 

I never fully understood the concept of "time flies" up until now. My daughter shows me every day how important it is to pause and savor moments I enjoy...Moments I feel peace, love, and joy. She teaches me that rushing and forcing things is a complete waste of energy and never works. My daughter also has shown me the importance of struggle, pain, and of surrender. I spent 4 days in labor ultimately leading to a birth I did not ask for, but in the end receiving the greatest gift I could ever imagine. My sleepless nights with her are so hard but the more I accept it the more ease I experience in our time together and the more I can enjoy her whatever time it is. 

The journey is in fact just as important as the feeling of getting to the finish line. Our lives are filled with experience and it is in the pauses we take when we can be present to the feelings whatever they are and thankful for the lessons whatever they may be. With this mantra we can enjoy the fullness of life rather than let it pass us by. No matter how out-of-control your day is, no matter how stressful your job or life becomes, the act of being present and thankful can become an oasis... It can change your life.

- Brittany