The Inner Revolution



Right when something amazing happens I often hear people say "I can't believe it!" or "Unbelievable!", or maybe "You will never believe what just happened!". 

In my experience proper language is everything. I like to think of it as writing the best possible code to run in my software. If every time something incredible happened (good or bad), and my default was the above mentioned language, I would be reinforcing disbelief... Coming from a mindset of lack. As insignificant as a small phrase may seem, it is a "not enough" mentality.

Instead, I make a conscious effort to change my language. I say things like "Thank you!", "Amazing!", or "Guess what just happened!" and instead come from a place of gratitude and trust.

This reinforces my *Neuroplasticity, or in other words creates a space for my mind to start forming a new belief system...One of gratitude, amazement, acceptance, and abundance. This gets to happen regardless of my perception at a particular time.

Throughout my life I have had many experiences that have shifted and look a completely different way after I was able to see other perspectives or vantage points...I transformed. I don't get it right all the time, but my percentage increases and becomes more accurate the more attention I give to a particular language or program. The practice also entails my ability to "adjust my belief system(s)". This is a huge component to my own inner revolution. Constantly upgrading or removing, destroying or reinforcing what serves my highest self and the highest self of all those around me. 

This state of being requires me to be open to the possibility that I don't know what I don't know, that there are no mistakes and there is a way bigger picture I have the possibility to see. That there is an advanced architect is within me, my highest self! It's about having faith that things happen for me, not to me.

Call it the Universe, Spirit, Energy, The Other, or whatever you choose; there is no denying that my ability to connect and form a closer relationship with the powerful thread that weaves us all together is increasing. With this comes vision and clarity. Maybe another way to say this is in the words of a man by the name of Albert Einstein- "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous". 

Don't just believe it, experience it.


- Gabriel