EPISODE #007: Abraham AWAD


Abraham Awad is a personal friend and BJJ coach. He is a leader of @subforcebjj and co-founder of @showtheartx. Abe also hosts the successful podcast @showtheartpodcast, where he is normally the one conducting the interview.

I thought it would be cool to interview Abe so his audience could have insight to the behind the scenes creation of the above-mentioned brands and their respective stories.  To enable fans to gain an understanding of him as a coach, artist, entrepreneur, husband, brother, and the many other hats that he wears. How dedication to a childhood passion can be turned into a lifelong journey and career.

Abe decided that it would be cool to release half of the interview on his platform and the other half here so that both audiences could start to connect and have exposure to the interview and one another. Enjoy!



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