I am so glad Erica and I were able to hang and record this podcast before she left for her next journey across the world. I believe an extremely different level of understanding one another has emerged and our connection deepened.

As per Erica:

"What came out was raw, deep, thought provoking, and perhaps for some, perspective shifting.

Amongst talking about the meaning of life, being zen all the time, and human conditioning, we spoke about terrorists and terroristic acts and why personally I see or feel anyone is motivated to do harm and how to respond to it.

It couldn't be more aligned with recent events and how the world is currently shifting, so please, take a moment to throw this on in your morning commute and let the conversation flow.

What can we do within ourselves to make our world more whole?"

I enjoyed the space Erica holds and it was a wonderful exchange and conversation. We explore many different topics and share some great realizations and experiences. I definitely cherish what came up. 

Erica Jung and I have been friends for years. She has known my wife even longer (they were roommates). My wife loved playing Erica's harmonium, and it meant so much to her that I bought it from Erica as our wedding present.

Erica has all the high quality yoga credentials one would expect, down to the life altering trip to India. She continues to travel the world and owns Trepta Yoga in Far Hills, NJ.



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