Peter has been in meditation up near Woodstock, NY for the last two plus years writing another book. He stopped in to spend some time with us on his way back to Mt. Shasta. I will tell you ahead of time that Peter’s story is extremely unique to say the least. As always I do my best to let got of my current belief system and focus on the embedded teachings that are transmitted. In my experience the information is powerful and transformative. Peter is a wise dear friend and his energy is absolutely nothing short of clear & loving. 


I had the good fortune of being introduced to Peter about four years ago while in Mt. Shasta. During our time together I made a few quick videos for Peter. They are embedded further down on this page and I encourage you to watch them. He has authored a number of books detailing the training and lessons that he has received. They can all be found on his website IAMteachings.com


Peter Mt. Shasta’s mission is to spread the teachings of the I AM Presence. To show others how to bring its power, dominion, and wisdom into daily life through self mastery and observation. Peter is a former engineering student, commodities broker, pilot, and wall street financial analyst that realized early on the emptiness of life without self knowledge. He began a quest for this self knowledge that took him to many different parts of the world including India, Egypt, and Tibet to name a few. He has studied with many great “saint’s and sages”. Enjoy!



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