After a long hiatus, I catch up with my friend and mentor of fifteen years, Tony Black. Tony comes to visit, jumps in the float tank, and as soon as he's out we turn on the mic's and speak for the first time in five years. About 9 minutes in, after describing his experience the interview gets flipped on me in typical Tb fashion. A great episode to get to know us both more and gain a deeper understanding of SUMMUS.

Tony Black is a Grammy-winning music producer, mixer/engineer & songwriter/musician. He has contributed to recordings totaling more than 50 million units sold or downloaded. He won a GRAMMY AWARD for his contribution to the album “THE DIARY OF ALICIA KEYS” for BEST R&B ALBUM. He also mixed and recorded  “RIDE OR DIE” on the Grammy-winning album  JAY-Z “HARD KNOCK LIFE VOL.2”. 

*Note: I have the same kink here that I thought I resolved with Cam's podcast, so the video cuts off again. I have a great new setup being configured. Thanks again for your patience.