• Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the yoga room as they are a distraction from your practice and to others. If you have an emergency, please notify the instructor.

  • In an effort to preserve the sacred space of the yoga room we ask that any conversation be kept to a minimum and the space be kept as peacefully silent as possible before, after, and in between classes.

  • All classes end on time. We understand on occasion students need to leave class early. Please notify the teacher at the beginning of the class if you need to leave early and kindly leave before Savasana, final resting pose.

  • If arriving late for a class, please do not stress out or cultivate anxiety for yourself. If there is room in the class, the front desk will allow students a 5 minute grace period for students to enter. The front desk is empowered to use their discretion for lateness.  Please respect their good judgement. We kindly ask that if you do enter a class that has already begun, please take a seat in the back until the teacher indicates for you to get set up.