Yoga teaches us to live in the moment. Second by second, breath by breath.

Most schools of yoga teach that this moment, right now, is the only reality, and all else is illusion — yet our minds manufacture distracting “illusions” all the time. Our inner voices are constantly re-hashing situations, projecting, questioning, doubting. In yoga practice, we work to train the mind to get more spacious via breathing, postures and awareness practices. We finish class and the inner dialogue is back — perhaps worse, because now that we’ve practiced listening to the quiet, the inner dialogue seems more pronounced.

What keeps those voices at bay for good?

How can we truly take the practice into any situation and approach it all with real presence and true grace?

Yoga, meet Personal Development.


- About the Program -

Learn Yourself is a unique and powerful personal development program that breaks the bounds of what is holding you back and creates a safe space to explore the depths of who you are on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

This work empowers you with the tools you need to live into the best version of yourself. It is carefully designed using modern and traditional methodologies that will access your greatest potential both on and off your mat.


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- Is it for you? -

Learn Yourself is for you if you’re a person who is looking for more to the overall experience of your life. It’s for you if you’re wanting to create a healthier lifestyle and for clarity on your greater purpose.

You will get clear, overcome resistance, fear, and limiting beliefs and create a life you truly love.

Learn how to…

Put an end to the patterns - physical and mental - that no longer serve you

Investigate and discover the truth of your unique purpose and create a vision for yourself that moves you in your core

Master crucial life skills to awaken the leader within

Practice internal processes of self-love, empowering yourself and others, and breaking through your fears

Live a healthier, more fulfilling life

- What you get -

3 Accelerator Calls each month, focusing on a combination of yoga philosophy and coaching work with an opportunity for group coaching through Q+A

2 One-on-One Coaching sessions per month

Daily access to the Learn Yourself Community in a private online forum.

Unlimited group classes at the SUMMUS studio

LIVE group workshops once per month where you'll receive personalized, one-on-one training to deepen your physical practice of yoga


Start your journey today.


Let’s talk.

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Whether you’re unclear about your goals or need guidance on a plan, we can help get you there. Schedule a free consultation call with us and see if Learn Yourself is a fit for you.

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Meet The Trainers

Together, Gabriel and Brittany have been studying yoga, health and transformational leadership since 2010 and use this work both in their own lives and to teach an experience of life and yoga that can be applied in the modern world.

They believe vibrant health starts with how we live our lives on the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane. Knowing this means we get to make educated choices by exploring and examining the way we are with ourselves and in the world.

Gabriel and Brittany built SUMMUS on the premise that the health of the world depends on the work we put in to ourselves and therefor the world around us. Their mission is to empower others with tools that will elevate the health & consciousness of the world.