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PROGRAM DATES: October 7, 2019-Feb. 9, 2020 [program is facilitated online+in person]

ABOUT: A powerful training carefully designed using modern and traditional methodologies to put an end to the patterns - physical and mental - that no longer serve you so that you can access your greatest potential by restoring or enhancing your body’s function and optimizing your performance both on and off your yoga mat.


This program is ideal for you if:

  • You like to laugh

  • You’re able to leave your ego at the door

  • You’re open to learning

  • You value feeling like part of a team and a community

  • You are a serious students of yoga and / or movement

  • You are an aspiring yoga teacher / movement coach or already teacher or coach with varying levels of experience looking to go deeper with your students and clients.

  • You’re any age, gender, or level of fitness

  • You’re willing to work hard but have fun doing it


It might not be the right place for you if:

  • You are not interested in being part of something bigger than yourself

  • You’re not interested in learning more about yourself

  • You are looking for a traditional RTY yoga training or coaching program

  • You’re not willing to bring your full self to the mat

  • You don’t have time to devote at least two hours a week




  • Essentials of asana practice – breath, foundation, general alignment

  • How to access better alignment in practice using applied anatomy and movement principles

  • How to practice with modifications

  • How to modify practice to make it easier or harder

  • Purpose and use of props

  • How we categorize postures in a vinyasa-style class (standing poses, hip openers, arm balances, backbends, inversions, twists, and seated postures) and how we sequence them together

  • Functional Range Mobility + Kinstretch principles

  • Meditation through Vipassana

  • Pranayama practices and their varying purposes

  • History of Yoga - Major schools of thought and types of yoga

  • Study of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Physical anatomy and physiological systems of the human body especially lymphatic system

  • Understand what it means to lead an ethical yogic lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas in today’s world


  • Master crucial life skills to awaken the leader within

  • Learn how to practice “internal” processes of self-love, empowering yourself and others, and breaking through your fears

  • Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs or thought processes that no longer serve you

  • Investigate and discover the truth of your purpose and create a vision for yourself that moves you in your core

  • Interactive discourse and discussions of deep thinking to discover the depths of consciousness

  • Engaging group activities and experiential exercises to drive these principles home and learn to apply them in your life, now


  • Every month, you will be granted access to a portal of pre-recorded discourses and course outlines, allowing you to take this training at your pace and digest the depth of information according to your speed.

  • Monthly Live group webinars will be held to drive principles home and receive further coaching where needed

  • One LIVE, IN-PERSON weekend per month (16 hours +/-, Sat+Sun)

  • Monthly 20 Minute one on one Coaching calls with Gabriel & Brittany for support and accountability.

  • Free Bonuses and more along the way.



After loosing his mother at age six, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as a child, and enduring a battle through cancer in his early 20’s, Gabriel was faced with a road to recovery that felt alone, dark, and without answers. It was when he discovered the world of holistic wellness that he embarked on a journey to heal and detox his body, which included the study and practice of yoga since 2008. His teachings are rooted in traditional methodologies while applying modern knowledge of functional mobility to teach the body’s innate intelligence.


Brittany discovered Ashtanga yoga in 2008. It was during an experience of post traumatic stress following physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as a child that she discovered the power yoga had to transform the body, mind, and soul. Her purpose in life is to share the tools that unlocked her own inner wisdom and potential with the world. Brittany’s teachings stem from the tradition of Ashtanga yoga and using principles of modern alignment to bring the body into balance.


Together, Gabriel and Brittany have been studying transformational leadership since 2013 and use this work to deliver powerful tools for living a free and fulfilled life, and to teach an experience of yoga that can be applied in the modern world.

Though they believe modern medicine is crucial for crisis and acute conditions, they further believe prevention and vibrant health starts with how we live our lives on the physical, emotional, and spiritual plane. Knowing this means we get to make educated choices by exploring and examining the way we are with ourselves and in the world.

Gabriel and Brittany built SUMMUS on the premise that the health of the world depends on the work we put in to ourselves and therefor the world around us. Their mission is to elevate the health & consciousness of every soul.