Small Group Training

Focused Semi-Private Personal Training In Morristown Will Have You Seeing Results Fast!

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Semi-Private Training at SUMMUS is a lot like 1-on-1 personal training, in that your workouts are customized specifically for you, based on your goals, experience, injury history, etc. But instead of just one student working with a trainer, you'll be part of a small team, each student with their own workout.

This format captures all the personalization and attention to the technique of personal training, while providing the added benefits of flexible scheduling, a focused and motivating atmosphere, and more affordability.

AND for a limited time only, grab a FREE fitness assessment that can help you better understand your goals, your fitness history, and the most efficient path to success. 


Here’s How It Works…

Proprietary Assessment Process

Your program beings with a 1:1 consultation with our top personal training expert, Vaughn Irving. In addition to learning about your goals, exercise history, diet, and injury history, we’ll also assess you using our proprietary assessment, which includes a Functional Movement Screen. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to fitness—your workouts should be as unique as you are.

Superior Coaching

During your workouts at SUMMUS, up to 8 students will workout in a fun, supportive, and motivating environment. Each student has his or her own program, which means that people of all different abilities can train together side by side. The trainer will help you implement the program while teaching you correct free weight, body weight, and equipment techniques, and ensuring safety at all times. Our coaches are more than just ‘meatheads’—they’re smart, well-educated trainers who care about helping you reach your goals.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling is simple and easy for our members. You can book your sessions via smartphone in just a few taps. We also boast one of the most flexible reservation/cancellation policies in the fitness industry: register with short notice up to 10-hours prior to the session start time, and cancel without penalty up to 6-hours prior to the start of your session.

Start Seeing Results After Only A Few Sessions!

With others to push you to perform better than you can push yourself, motivate you when you think you can't, and best of all, congratulate you when you succeed, reaching and exceeding your fitness goals will be that much more fulfilling!

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Vaughn is a native of Morristown, NJ with 21 years of life application knowledge in clean eating, optimal nutrition, and full body fitness. He is a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), TRX and primal movement educated professional, and a martial arts black belt. he is passionate on continued education, studying the best and most passionate in the field and seemlessly bringing together different modalities, from martial arts to the metaphysical.

Vaughn chooses to research anthropological and ancestral knowledge to keep the body in optimal working condition. Vaughn takes a holistic approach to strength and fitness, first by listening to and respecting the passion of an individual, Meaning he knows there is no success without tapping into the passion of the heart, then providing coaching and guidance to get to the core of ones-self which is required to achieved the desired goal.

With a myriad of success stories from clients from all walks of life ... He knows that we have limitless potential to be, do, and have all that we desire. There is no doubt that Vaughn can reach out to, connect with, and succeed with any person who truly desires to become a healthier version of themselves … inside and out.