Can anyone take an Open level class?

SUMMUS offers open level classes that are accessible to most, however if you have never done yoga before we encourage you to start with our foundations course, a 4 week series designed for those completely new to the practice that will give you the knowledge you need to join our regularly scheduled open level classes. click here to learn more and sign up for the next series.

What is the difference between Level 1 and Open Level Vinyasa?

Both classes are flowing practices. In Level 1 classes we focus on foundational postures and longer holds. While there are still Vinyasa elements incorporated into a Level 1 practice, it is not as fast paced as All Levels Vinyasa classes. 

Our recommendation? Try out both classes and let us know what you like!

How much time should I give myself to arrive before class?

We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to check in, talk with the instructor if needed, and prepare yourself for practice. IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME, YOU WILL WANT A TOUR OF THE FACILITY TO GET FAMILIAR AND LEARN ABOUT OUR AMENITIES. 

Do you have showers?

yes! there are 3 showers each in the men's and women's changing rooms, so no need to rush out of class to catch one. shampoo and conditioner and blowdryers are provided, but you will need to bring your own towel.

How hot is the room?

Our unique hydronic heating system gets the room between 80-88 degrees and feels different than any other heat. The best part about our heat is that instead of wearing you out, it compliments and enhances your practice. you will leave class feeling rejuvenated, not dehydrated.

What do I need to bring with me?

Besides your open mind and deep breath, you will need a yoga mat and towel if you have one. Please bring water with you or a refillable water bottle as we have a station to fill up!

What should I wear?

Stretchy athletic clothes that allow you to move freely. We recommend clothing that fits snugly. Shoes and socks are not permitted in the yoga room. 

Do you rent mats?

We provide yoga mats for rent complimentary, however we recommend if you are coming to class often to purchase your own. 

How often should I come to class?

This practice helps you to cultivate awareness of both body and mind. If you are feeling strong, come as much as you like. The important thing is to give yourself at least one day of rest for your muscles to recover. 

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water before and after practice. It's important you are providing your body with hydration for a quick post workout recovery.

What is your cancellation policy?

In order to give everyone a chance to flow, we require cancellation a minimum of 3 hours  before the start of class. Otherwise, you will be charged for the class.

Can I share class packages?

While we want you to share this practice with your friends, class packages are limited to one person per package. We offer special rates for couples and family memberships and if you are a monthly member, you are permitted to bring one guest per month free of charge!

Do you allow Drop-In's?

Of course! We do recommend signing up in advance but you are welcome to drop in any class on the schedule.