What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise that improves strength, posture, symmetry, alignment, balance, and overall quality of life. All Pilates exercises are based oN the “core” OR ABDOMINAL REGION AND exceptionally safe. IT can be modified to meet anyONE'S needs. 

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates?

Pilates and yoga have many similarities and compliment each other wonderfully. they both focus on a mind-body connection and use movement as a way to improve functionality of the body. Both yoga and pilates are a way of life and used to reach many personal goals. 

contrastingly, Pilates guides its practitioner to initiate movements from the “core" to work the body and then extending through the limbs, whereas yoga uses the breath to initiate and deepen a pose, which is believed to be the hallmark of health in the yoga philosophy.
Pilates will use more dynamic, quicker, more repetitive movements. yoga more often holds one pose for a greater period of time using static muscle engagements.

we recommend complimenting Pilates with yoga to get the most from your body.

Is Pilates a cardio workout?

LIKE YOGA, Pilates can be a cardio workout if you chose, meaning the heart rate elevates to your target heart rate for an extended period of time. However, it cannot replace an aerobic activity such as running or cycling. The rate at which repetitions are done and how many you do can also affect the nature of the workout. Pilates is efficient in training primarily the muscular system, aerobically (uses oxygen) and anaerobically (without oxygen).

Do you have showers?

yes! there are 3 showers each in the men's and women's changing rooms, so no need to rush out of class to catch one. shampoo and conditioner and blowdryers are provided, but you will need to bring your own towel.

How often can I do Pilates?

PILATES is safe enough to do everyday...AS WITH MOST WORKOUTS, You will have quicker and more efficient results when you come consistently.

What do I need to bring with me?

you will need a yoga OR FITNESS mat if you have one. FITNESS MATS TEND TO PROVIDE MORE CUSHIONING AND MORE EFFECTIVE THAN A YOGA MAT. WE HAVE ONLY YOGA MATS TO RENT AND THEY TEND TO BE RENTED QUICKLY. Please bring water with you or a refillable water bottle as we have a station to fill up! 

What should I wear?

Stretchy athletic clothes that allow you to move freely. We recommend clothing that fits snugly. Shoes and socks are not permitted in the yoga room. 

Do you rent mats?

We provide yoga mats for rent complimentary, however we recommend if you are coming to class often to purchase your own. 

What is your cancellation policy?

In order to give everyone a chance to flow, we require cancellation a minimum of 3 hours  before the start of class. Otherwise, you will be charged for the class.

Can I share class packages?

While we want you to share PILATES with your friends, class packages are limited to one person per package. 

Do you allow Drop-In's?

Of course! We do recommend signing up in advance but you are welcome to drop in TO any class on the schedule.